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About us

History of Jacobs Guitars,

When i was a young boy i was alway’s busy making things from scrap restoring moped’s at the age of 12.
When i was 14 the wish to play the guitar made his entrance!
Because i didnt had the money to forfill this dream i build one myself.
Every one was laughing until ill plugged the evil axe in to an old Philps tube amp.
Now it was my time to laugh, though ill waited to start playing seriously till the age of 16.
Building and customizing and restoring old instruments became more and more a Passion. not to speak of an obsession!

At the age of 26 ill quit working for a boss.
At that time the guitarbuilding and playing became more and more important.

Of course this all started in a small shed behind our house, and finally ended up in this shop where ill have build many guitars and vintage style amps and still do till this very day.

Wood and tubes ar a true wonder and i love it!

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