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Latest News

Making a New headstockplate and binding, on a Gretsch electromatic.

Telovarius assambling in progress.

Eddiecaster assambling in progress.

Sunken Freules and Washers on a headstock of a 5 string bass

Working on some new ideas.

Custom order Jacobs New Orleans

Working on a crazy assignment for a customer who prefers to remain anonymous. Right Pieter? 😉 Firebird non reversed, all Mahogany, with 2x P90’s Jason Lollar pickups.

Jacobs Double Six Built about 15/14 years ago for Freek den Toom, and now here again for a big turn. Replacing the battery of “practical Joke” that I came up with. If you play between the 12th and 13th fret, the (F) r (e) k a blue light will shine in the F holes. Below some more pictures, of the apparently unmanaged Beauty after 15 years of R&R

Another Great Jacobs Guitar go with Sjef van Rijt home. The Jacobs Jacobs polulation in Limburg is getting pretty well represented! 😊👍

Just recently John Bolier have given his Les Paul guitar a fretjob. Plays like a Jekko again! 👍

Do you do something, when you suddenly realize that there is a band playing with three guitars built by you! ☺️ Go Aad !!!

We received our new T-Shirts!!!

Ronald Slobbe and Z wear, perfect service! Exactly what we wanted, and super fast service👍 Thanks!

On vacation in Zeeland, and then all the way back to Alkmaar with your first guitar. How beautiful life can be!

On a beautiful Jacobs Guitar

17:45 AAD preaches for own church at Vestrock

Zeelanders at Vestrock are a winning combination. Similarly at AAD on the Saturday afternoon in the Chapel. The indie rock band from Bruinisse is programmed at the right moment: the first beers are starting to do their job, the sun is starting to become less punishable and while Navarone has many souls to win, AAD plays for their own interested audience. Euphoria. The final word that best describes the band AAD. The mix of indie, alternative, britrock and a hint of pop ensures that the five De Kapel have a hold in its grasp. “Tales From the Dirthouse” put the band in the spotlight of not just Zeeland music lovers. Also on a national level the band manages to capitalize on their charm, which at Vestrock results in a full Chapel. The band themselves hardly know how to handle it, they are so happy. It is wonderful to see the band members look at each other: this really happens! “Wow, I get goosebumps from you!” The singer / guitarist does not know where to look if everyone is singing the second to last song, while he jumps through the tent with a vinyl album to really be able to look at everyone. With childish fun in his eyes, he sees that the public are almost all acquaintances, acquaintances or fellow Zeelanders. AAD may preach to their own audience and church, but the band members manage to fill the Chapel and make them believe in their music. For a band in such an initial phase that cannot help but feel magic, luckily we feel the magic mutually (DdW).

New flyers

we have received our new flyers !!!


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