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– Acoustic classic guitars


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Produiencio SAEZ 4A

Handcrafted guitar made in Spain, with excellent wood and great sound.
Very comfortable playing, with a full and clear sound.

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Vicente Tatay Tomas (pre owned)

Pruce/Mahogany Dreadnought Guitar.

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Salvador Cortez CC-22-BK

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Salvador CS-334-CE

classical guitar, spruce top, sapele b & s, Savarez strings, satin finish, with cutaway and EQ5
The Salvador CS-244 is a great entry-level classic guitar with a high-quality (satin) finish and excellent playability. It has nickel frets, an adjustable truss rod and is made of durable spruce (cites-free) with sapele back and sides. All these features result in a good sounding guitar with a friendly price. All wood used for this guitar is of non-endangered species. All wood used for this guitar is of non-endangered species. This guitar fully complies with CITES regulations.

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Valencia VC264H

classic guitar 4/4,spruce top, nato b&s, mahogany fb, nickel frets, 42mm hybrid neck, naturel glos 

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Valencia VC204H

klassieke gitaar 4/4  spruce top, nato b&s, mahonie toets, nikkel frets, 42mm nek, naturel glossy 
Manufactured to our exacting standards, in our own factory in Indonesia, the Series 200 starts with a sitka spruce top, nato body and jabon neck for balanced tone. A distinctive, see-through satin finish reveals the inherent beauty of our tonewoods. An ebonized mahogany fingerboard and mahogany bridge completes the elegant look.

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Valencia VC263

classic guitar 3/4, spruce top, nato b&s, mahogany fb, nickel frets, naturel glossy 

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Salvador Cortez CF-55

flamenco guitar, solid spruce top, sycamore b & s, high gloss, 650 mm
The Salvador Cortez CF-55 is a flamenco guitar with a clear and direct tone, which is expected from a flamenco guitar. It has a solid spruce top and maple back and sides.
The CF-55 is finished with a luxurious button block, a stylish rosette and an elegant binding.

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All solid handmade vintage guitar, builder unknown

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Salvador Cortez CC-22

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Fratelli delicato acoustic vintage

Acoustic vintage guitar from the 40/50’s

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Salvador cortez CC-06-BB

classical guitar, cedar top, agathis b & s, satin finish, 1/2 bambino model, 520 mm
The CC-06-BB Bambino by Salvador Cortez is a perfect entry-level guitar. The CC-06-BB has a warm round sound and a durable finish (mat).
The Bambino model is the perfect beginner’s tool for children from 1.25 meters to about 1.45 meters. Not only the scale length, the sound box is also smaller and the neck is also narrower. Dimensions that facilitate the beginning of guitar playing.

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